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Python Series

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Python Seminar Series (PySS)

This is where material from our meetings will appear.
In the forums on this site, there is a python discussion section, where you can raise any questions you might have. (external link)

Performance python: options for speeding up execution: (external link)
and more complete list of options: (external link)

From the version control talk on Jan 21, 2013: "Basic Git: Version Control for Everyone" PDF

The newest spyder (beta) (3.17 MB)

PDF of talk on how to go from here into scipy/matplotlib: python3.pdf (74 KB)

PDF of talk on numpy beginnings: python2.pdf (151 KB)

spyder setup recommendations

Numpy for MATLAB (external link), numpy<->matlab conversions (external link): some advice, notes and specific syntax translation for people changing from matlab to doing their calculations in python (you lucky people); some of this information is out of date, but the syntax conversions are very useful.

PDF of talk from first meeting: python1.pdf (351 KB)

PDF of IPython talk given at SMIAL forum: (external link)

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