The OCCIviewer is an open-source imaging platform, specialized for cardiac imaging. This was a project of the Technical Office of the Ontario Consortium of Cardiac Imaging (OCCI (external link)).
The viewer is no longer under active development. The last stable version for Win and Linux is 1.1. The last stable version for Mac is 1.096c.

Key Features

* Free for academic use.
* Open-source.
* Cross-platform. Supports WinXP, Mac OS X and Linux (Mandrake and Red Hat).
* 2D, 3D, and 4D capabilities.
* Multi-study. Can view as many studies as memory allows.
* Multi-modal. Tested with MR, CT, PET, NM, and US studies.
* Medical imaging. Can read both GE Signa and DICOM tags, and other medical formats like Analyze, Interfile, ECAT.
* Flexible plugin architecture allows developers to add new features.

Project Developers

* Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Home Institution
* Ontario Consortium for Cardiac Imaging
Technical Office: Perry Radau, Nick Hu, Desmond Chung, Labonny Biswas
* Atamai Inc. (external link) including David Gobbi.